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2001 Documento de Trabajo #97

A Non-parametric Approach to Model the Term Structure of Interest Rates: The Case of Chile

Numerous studies have resorted to parametric models to infer the shape of the term structure of interest rates. Recently, however, it has been shown that non-parametric techniques may be more adequate. This is an empirical study for Chile between December 1992 and April 1998. Monte Carlo simulations, based upon a non-parametric one-factor model, suggest that Chile’s downward-sloping term structure could be explained by the mean-reversion process in the data. The latter could reflect medium and long-term goals of monetary policy of the Central Bank of Chile. Some alternative explanations, such as that of the preferred habitats, might be also plausible.

Viviana Fernández

Publicado en: The International Review of Financial Analysis, special issue on Latin American Financial Markets, May 2001, Vol.10(2), 99-122