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1999 Documento de Trabajo #57

Análisis historicográfico de la literatura económica chilena (Historiographical analysis of Chilean economic literature)

Santiago is one of the few Latin American cities that has had four specialized economic journals during more than a decade. The paper authors include the most distinguished academin economists. This article examines the evolution of this academic production during 1963-1996. The type of issues and their distribution among the papers constitute the focus af analysis. Which areas have the largest academic research concentration? How do the priorities change through time? Considering the whole period (1963-96) the articles have the following subject distribution:(1) Macroeconomics and Microeconomics have a share of 29% and 15% respectively. (2) Labor and Distributive issues (including poverty, and social policies) have a participation of 13% and 9% respectively. (3) International Trade, Industrial Organization and Environment have respectively the following percentages: 9%, 5%, and 2%. (4) Economic Development and Institutions have shares of 8% and 4% respectively.

Claudio Bravo
Patricio Meller