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Seminario Académico CEA-MIPP - MIERCOLES 16 NOVIEMBRE, 12:00 HRS - Sala Consejo (401), Beauchef 851, piso4
DII - Nicolás Riquelme (Universidad de los Andes)

Information exchange through secret vertical contracts.

Presenta: Nicolás Riquelme (Universidad de los Andes)


We study a common agency problem in which two downstream firms, who are local monopolists and receive private demand signals, offer secret menus of two-part tariff contracts to their common supplier. While direct communication is not possible, they may still exchange their information through signal-contingent menus of vertical contracts. We show that a perfect Bayesian equilibrium exists in which information is transmitted, and downstream firms obtain nearly the first-best industry surplus. The use of both fixed charges and slotting fees is necessary for such a result. Our results suggest that efficient collusion with market allocation may not necessitate direct communication.

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